How to Create Monarch Habitat

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In case you’ve missed the message: MONARCHS NEED MILKWEED.  

If you want to play a vital role in restoring the North American Monarch population, create habitat for them.

There is a “magic formula” for butterfly gardens.

  1. The area you plant should be at least 100 square feet;

  2. Contain at least three nectar and three host plants; and

  3. Provide a place for caterpillars to make their chrysalis.

For Monarchs, a productive and successful garden should include one or more species of milkweed, and a tree or trellis for caterpillars to use when they are ready to assume the J position and form their chrysalis.  

Caterpillars need to get away from their host plant and the ravages of their hungry kin for the best chance at making it to the next stage in their lifecycle.  If you cannot plant a tree, or place your garden around one, take advantage of a nearby fence or add a garden bench to give the caterpillars a “safe space.”

For special assistance in designing a butterfly garden where you live, please contact the Native Plant Society in your state.  Many have monthly meetings and regular plant sales. They should be willing to share their expertise and may also be able to direct you to local resources for clean, “green” plants that are herbicide and pesticide free.  

Make sure you SHARE your Monarch photos and certified habitats with us, to document your achievement and foster greater appreciation of wild butterflies!

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